Dear all,

Having thought about it long and hard, we've made the decision to take 5oup offline. This is not something we've taken lightly, but we feel the time is right to call it a day.

We started 5oup back in 2005 as a place for fellow students to showcase their work to the widest possible audience. Since then we feel the needs of the members have outgrown what we are able to offer on the site. It goes without saying the internet is a very different place today than when we started out, and there's now very many high quality free portfolio services available which we feel can better cater to the needs of the community we set out to help.

On a personal level we'd like to thank all our members, supporters and visitors for being a part of 5oup. We've met many amazing people we wouldn't have done had it not been for the site, and we hope that at least a few people who've been part of 5oup can say the same.

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All the best,
James & Tom